Call for Members of EAFES

East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies (EAFES) is now calling for new members. Since EAFES is the federation of societies, the membership of it is not individual scientists but scientific Societies (Ecological Society in each country). If you want to join EAFES, although there is no ecological society in your country, we will encourage you to establish ecological society in your country. You do not always need the name of “ecological” in the name of your societies. If you do not have ecological society but have “biogeographical society” or “natural history society” and so on, we will be willing to accept such societies as new EAFES members. If the situation is immature in your country to establish ecological societies, please join us as individual scientists. We will willingly accept you as “associate members”. Associate members are welcomed to participate and present their papers in the EAFES conference.

The main activity of EAFES at present is to carry out EAFES conference at every 2 years. We had already three times of conferences, in Korea, Japan and China. We are now planning some activities. One is to propose joint project to study environmental issues, in particular Global Climate Change using LTER sites, biodiversity issues and UNESCO's MAB program in China, Korea and Japan. The other activity is exchange of teachers for training courses of field biology planned in Japan and China.


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