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What is East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies?


Ecological societies of China, Japan, and Korea collaboratively established a federation to promote ecological science in East Asia. EAFES plans symposia, meetings, joint researches and other activities that could contribute to develop the ecological science and society in this region.


(updated on December 2014)

President: Prof. Shirong Liu (President, Ecological Society of China)
Secretary General: Prof. Shinichi Nakano (Ecological Society of Japan)

Executive Committee (2013-2014):

Ecological Society of China
President: Shirong Liu
Vice-Presidents: Bojie Fu
Vice-Presidents: Guirui Yu
Secretary General: Liding Chen

Ecological Society of Japan
President: Takashi Saitoh
Vice-President: Naoki Kachi
Secretary Chief: Kimiko Okabe
Standing Comm.: Shinichi Nakano

Ecological Society of Korea
President: Lee, Chang Seok
Vice-Presidents:Lee, Eun Ju
General Secretary: You, Young Han

Society of Subtropical Ecology (Taiwan)
President: Sheng HUANG
Executive Secretary: Sheng-shan LU

ILTER East Asia-Pacific Regional Network
Chair: Eun-Shik Kim
Information Management Committee Chair: Chau-ChinLin
Science Committee Chair: Sheng-Gong Li

Present activities

Scientific congress:

The three Ecological Societies take turns organizing the joint meeting (EAFES Congress) at least once in 2 years. We welcome the participation of ecologists from other countries in East Asia, having an intention to expand our federation into wider range.

Exective Committee meeting:

The three Ecological Societies take turns hosting the business meeting once a year.

Other activities under discussion:

1) Editing collaboration of scientific journals

2) Training courses for young scientists

3) Collaboration with INTECOL

4) Encouragement of cooperative activities


August 2002 Preparatory Meeting for establishing EAFES at INTECOL Congress (Seoul, Korea)

February 2003 The First Business Meeting in Beijing and Establishment of EAFES

February 2004 The Second Business Meeting in Tokyo

May 2004 Informal Business Meeting in Seoul for the preparation of the First EAFES Congress

October 2004 The First EAFES Congress (Mokpo, Korea) and the 3rd Business Meeting

August 2005 Informal Business Meeting at INTECOL Congress (Montreal, Canada) for the preparation of the Second EAFES Congress

September 2005 The 4th Business Meeting in Beijing

March 2006 The Second EAFES Congress and the 5th Business Meeting (Niigata, Japan)

March 2012 The 5th EAFES Congress and the 10th Exective Committee Meeting (Otsu, Japan)


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